A free Excel based Golf Scoring and Stableford Calculation System.



Scorecard Features


These free Excel golf scorecards have a built Stableford calculator. They have no restrictions, logos or advertising but do have lots of functionality. The complete system for recording your scores. Works for all courses. Requires Excel 97 or newer.


  • Golf Scorecard (<< click for picture) for any Course (9 or 18 holes).
  • Scorecard database to keep a record of scores - up to 65,000 rounds.
  • Society Scorecard for up to 48 players.
  • Stableford Points automatically calculated for score at each hole.
  • Automatic calculation of Out, In, Total, Nett Score and Holes Won.
  • One-click button to clear scores.
  • Colour coded scores.
  • Recording of players names, course name, competition details, dates etc.
  • Adjustable for Par and Stroke Index to match course being played.
  • Works for ALL courses.
  • Works with full Handicap range (except plus handicaps).
  • Option to have automatic entry of scores into database.
  • Print-out of Scorecard and all saved rounds.
  • Filter / Sort of database file (using Excel functions) to show records in many different ways.
  • Instructions.

The file has been virus checked but please check with your own antivirus application. Go to download area here.

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1. Use it yourself.
2. Give it to others.
3. Suggest improvements.
4. Put it (or a link to it) on your own web site.
5. Enjoy it.

What you cannot do.
1. Complain about it.
2. Sell it.
3. Claim it as your own.

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This is my small contribution for the enjoyment I get from playing golf. If you have any requests or suggestions email me at






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"Scorecard" Excel Workbook [90K]


“Society Scorecard” Excel Workbook [400K]





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